"Working with Jane Milton has been a great pleasure. It has been an amazing interaction from the start. Jane is one of the most professional people and her positive approach and huge experience contributes a lot to projects.

Her introductions are always helpful and spot on."

Agnes Gabriel-Damaz, Managing Director

The Polish Bakery



Jane Milton, leading a team of Food Industry Specialists. Jane has built a business working with producers, innovators and retailers helping them develop ideas and bring them to market cost effectively, expediently and successfully.  With over  25 years expertise in the food industry and a proven track record for helping food businesses achieve great results, Jane and her colleagues are always in demand to identify strategies and bring them to fruition within the food industry.


The company works on a project basis or as retained advisers to a number of clients, working in this way allows them to tailor make teams to work on specific projects, streamlining costs and ensuring the specialist team required is assembled for that project .


We are happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with an outline and quotation  of the work you need carried out.

Speaking at the Speciality Fine Food Fair Olympia London
Working with Award ceremonies
Specialist management consultancy
Specialist management consultancy